Atlas d’Acqua
Art Residency


Location:ValTaleggio, Italy By: Luisa Brando                    Institution:NAHR (Nature Art and Habitat Residency)

Water has always been central to our geographies, our cultures, and our spirituality. Oceans have connected cultures, rivers have defined urban settlements, and fountains have gathered communities, yet water is not often understood as a unifying force in daily life.  This art installation opens a space to question the way in which water is defined in the specific location of Sottochiesa, Lombardy and the surrounding valley to which the town belongs. 
Glasses lent by the different families and individuals of Val Taleggio are gathered in space, representing the architecture of water at its most human scale, each glass containing the liquid in its unique shape.   By  extending  98 glasses into an abandoned house as an interior reflection, and later to a public space, the installation opened a new imaginary in which water is not just a liquid, but a connector that traverses across the natural, the cultural and the spiritual, evidence of the unique relationship that Val Taleggio has historically and currently holds with water.