Drawings, Photography & Installation


By:Luisa BrandoState 

"In China´s Taoist Chan´s ontology, the integration of "civilization" and "nature" is summarized in the ideogram i/x, which refers to the patterns of the cosmos. These patterns include: the veins of the stones, ripples in water, patterns of stars and seasonal progressions, life and death, and the diverse array of 10,000 things, and their transformations, and finally, as another of those "natural" patterns, civilizations: cities and markets, government and philosophy, poetry and painting."- Wild Mild, Wild Earth: Our place in the sixth extinction.

This book was the seed that originated the project that is guiding my art practice. It is a drawing, photography and playing array that tries to find space to observe the patterns that we inhabit, and asks what patterns we are creating. Wild mind integral to wild earth. It is an exploration of the cosmos through its patterns. A project that is just starting and pretends to grow, possibly eternally.