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CANArchitecture and Urbanism competition


Working For:Castro Arquitectos +
Junior Architect on Local Team
State ,

Competition: Awarded First Prize

The CAN is the mixed-use-civic center located in the midpoint of Calle 26, the city´s main axis that joins the historic downtown, the financial district and the airport, the international gateway of Colombia. It will now serve as the new city center and government headquarters with a mixed use program of residential, educational, retail and cultural developments.
With the size as large as the National Mall in Washington DC, the proposed master plan utilizes a curved public space axis to connect the adjacent natural park Simon Bolivar and the National University, with the calle 26. 

The arc creates a clear urban identity while accommodating the program's diversity.

“Our proposal enables CAN to be a lively node, providing a continuous public domain that curves through the site to connect the park, the university and Calle 26. With a single gesture, the arc achieves a clear urban identity while accommodating programmatic diversity.” Shohei Shigematsu