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Cauchitos: Public Space 
and Landscape Manual
Urban and Landscape design

2023 - 
Location: Ibagué, ColombiaTeam:Luisa Brando Estudio
Andrés Hernandez (2Latitudes)
Paula Restrepo (Civilteknia)
Jean Paul Bernier

The 160ha Master Plan in Ibague faces many design challenges due to its size and the time it will take for it to get built. Multiple developers are currently working on different areas of the Master Plan, and there is a risk of falling into the already known language of urban and architecture design, and losing sight of an opportunity of creating a strong and larger piece for the city of Ibague. In order to strengthen the identity of Cauchitos and not fall into the common way of building with the developers' terms  
we decided to create a Manual or Guidelines of the Master Plan based on Public Space and Landscape Design. Cauchitos understood the opportunity to differentiate the site with a holistic view of the plan based on pedestrian circuits and multiple use systems along the public realm. These guidelines of public space, mobility and landscape design provide the ground in which each developer adheres their own design to.