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Centro Creciendo
Architecture Rennovation


Location:Madrid,  Spain Team:Luisa Brando
Valeria Paez Cala

Client:Centro Creciendo Children’s Heath Center

Lua Fischer

We were hired to redesign the facade of the building, an old cinema in the neighborhood of Mirasierra was to be repurposed to become a Children’s Health Center. It was a project about light, turning a building that was previously hermetic, to a building that healed with light. To honor Rafael de la Hoz (former architect of the building) we designed a facade made of repeated vertical elements that apparently looks hermetic (as was the cinema), but was actually translucent. As a drawing of Carlos Cruz Diez, made of repetition of vertical lines and triangulation, we built with one modular system made of perforated screens that creates a rhythm that allows for light to come in and out of the builidng.  All of the facades become one skin that does not allow one to see clearly when a window starts or finishes. It is a game of rhythm and light, a play between what was there and what is to come.