La GuajiraMutlimedia


Location:La Guajira,
Team:Luisa Brando
Media: Design

This project was an invitation of a curator to create a series of drawings based on Travel. Each artist had a journal, and we were to draw a book that represented the topic. I thought the best way was to take on a journey, and the destiny was La Guajira. 
Transforming landscapes of rivers and waterfalls that float down from the Sierra Nevada into the sea, passing by plantain crops and hundred year old ceibas that behold the cattle under its shadows. 

Intense blue skies that puncture into the deserts, where the stars shine above triangular roofs and walls made between sands and cardonos.  Landscapes of workers, herds, birds, and howlers sitting on a bench watching others walk by. Men fishing, women laughing and chatting with colorful dresses, sounds of birds flying by. Are all of these visible for those who live there? Do we continue to see and hear once we stay?