Hangar TicinumArchitecture Idea Competition


Team: Luisa Brando
Valeria Paez Cala

Competition by:

Twofold is a project that emerges from understanding the ruin's double enchantment. When conceived, Hangar Ticinum was part of Pavia's infrastructure that supported the city's growth and prosperity. The lifted structure embodied the principles of modernity, glorifying and sheltering man and his technologies, a project that separated from nature despite its unique location. Twofold honors its origin and doubles its scope by thinking of infrastructure for both humans and nature alike, healing and connecting human interactions and natural processes.
To reactivate both the structure and the river, Twofold suggests two programs that focus on restoration through water. The first program heals the human body, mind, and spirit with a complex of baths, based on the Roman Empire's infrastructures. The second program restores the river’s borders and ecology with a network of cleansing operations, based on future interconnected infrastructures. 
To accommodate the cross-program, Twofold proposes two structures. The first is the reconstructed Hangar, with an intervention that highlights the initial order of Pagano that framed its structure, envelope, and roof. The second is its inversion, a floating shed that travels along Ticino, activating the river’s borders, cleansing, and inviting a change of perspective by being inside the river's waters.
The essence of Hangar Ticinum is heightened by doubling, the essence, the program, and the architecture. It serves as a living infrastructure that activates Pagano’s rational architecture while reinforcing Ticino´s ecosystem. A dual complex that protects Pavias life in its multiple forms, where water and her healing quality are the fundamental foundations.