Eternally in Process


    Past Lives  

Line as ProcessVideo Installation and Collages


Location:Tokyo, Japan By: Luisa BrandoState
Grant:Harvard Asian Center Summer Research 

Exhibited at:Kura Gallery, Tokyo

“Ma- That which is, can only be included by describing that which lies in between.” 

The Line is the perfect threshold. It divides past from future, inside from outside, limit from eternal void, it fixes things in place and renders the static. After a two month research in Japan, I was captured by the apparent contradiction between tradition and development. That line that we render as time, was carefully intertwined by multiple times and spaces, alternate rhythms and natures. 

The exhibition explores the tension between “tradition” and “development”. In space, this Kura sits between two high-rise financial buildings. The past reframes the modern and the modern reframes the old. Through time, the Ise Shrine is conserved by the passing of knowledge across generations. It is through deconstruction and rebuilding that the Shrine becomes immortal. I believe what is interesting is that which lies at the threshold of tradition and development, between preservation and progress. It is at this threshold where life happens, where we come into being and where we give shape.