Lines of Magdalena


Location:Colombia By:Luisa Brando
Media: Video
Travel Notes

Having been unable to travel in my own country for decades due to the violence conflict, and doing projects in architecture preservation, I wondered what defined Colombia's History, how this looked like. I thought the best way to capture my country's history was through photography and observation. So I began a research project to travel across the multiple historical towns known as "Pueblos de Patrimonio".  Many of these towns were along water shores, so I decided to travel along Colombia's main river. As soon as I reached her waters, the question changed. 
Why are rivers not considered historical if they have connected cultures and histories from multiplicity of times? What other histories would they tell? The project transitioned to a 1500km journey along Magdalena River, 8 years of going back and forth trying to grasp and question what Magdalena holds in the idea of heritage and therefore the future of Colombia. 
Here is a collection of notes, drawings and photos that have allowed me to observe and question the idea of history, memory and time through a river.