Possible Territories

Exhibition and Research


Location:Bogotá,  Colombia Illustration by:Luisa Brando
In collaboration of:
Lisa Anzellini
Antonio Cortes
Graphic Design:Ana Velez + Alejandra RodriguezState:
Banco de la República

After a year of joint research, illustration and graphic design work, this exhibition recognized the legacy of the Magdalena River in Colombia as a river that connects the nation. Magdalena River was portrayed as an organism that brings together a multiplicity of ecosystems, landscapes, cultures and moments of the country. The exhibition emphasizes the transformation of the river through time and its geography, also showing the impact of the exploitation of its riches over several centuries. We wanted to understand the river not as a dividing line, as it is represented in cartography, but as a living, multiple, dynamic and ever-changing territory. 

As part of the exhibition we invited children from 5-12 years old to explore the multiple ways of representing a river and what water means for human wellbeing. This workshop wanted to weave together drawing, play and learning through the exploration of the multiple ways to represent a river. 

Both the exhibition and the workshop have been part of a longer and eternally ongoing research project on how to image and imagine rivers. (Check out for more works on this topic: Lines of Magdalena and Aquatic Sense of Place)