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Proyecto Retirointerior design


Location:Madrid, Spain Team:Luisa Brando
Laura Vispe
Lucía Perez (Estudio Noboo)

Photography: Studio Estudio 
(Laura Alandes)

This project was developed from the particular needs of the client: the renovation and decoration of an apartment in Madrid for a German family of 7 (including 5 children) who had a close relationship with Spain and wanted to spend time there. First we understood that we had to accommodate the space to their needs, then the design had to pay homage to Spain. A space was opened to investigate and investigate the Spanish essence, and how it is reflected in the objects, textures and ambiance. 
Through this site-specific research, we created objects, furniture and decorated with details that set the mood of the space and reinforce the feeling of the Spanish character. And third we wanted each space of the house to have a certain character.  By carefully designing the colors, textures and objects of each space of the house, the rhythm and emotion of each space was amplified.