Eternally in Process


    Past Lives  



Location:Cambridge, Ma, USA By:Luisa Brando

Class by:Tobías Putrih
Nicolás Consuegra
at MIT Media Lab

One, Thirty-three, Fifty-nine.  Industries, Memories, Symbols, Mythologies. Contained figures as symbols and symbols as figures, taking shape within our memories.  Recollections of taxonomies meant to define, preserve, and restrain. Regulations made to delimit elements whose essence is perhaps, one of a more sinuous path. Try to constrain them and they will break. Try to define them and they lose meaning. As terrains changing shape with the movement of a river, or the sound of waves evaporating as encountering a reef, they cannot be held within an area, they cannot be named as one element.  They are anatomies of movement and history. They rest and migrate, emerge and delude.  
Taking shape in the confinement of ambivalence.  Through the observers travel, shaping and diluting imaginaries, living between the intimate and the mundane.

This Land art project was a reflection on language and boundaries. Through the difficulty of redefining what a river is, a system of names, objets, places and elements associated with the river is created, representing the arbitrarily of placing limits on a river as a defined object (border), instead of understanding them as active systems.