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Vualá LibreríaRennovation Project


Madrid,  Spain
Team:Luisa Brando, Laura Vispe

 Vualá, Children’s Bookstore

With 3 gestures we decided how to turn around and renovate a children's bookstore in Plaza Olavide in Madrid. We based our design on three main concepts: 1) Joy through furniture. We wanted the children to enjoy and stay in the bookstore, for which we designed colorful and playful furniture. 2) Flexibility and connection.  We wanted to widen the space that was previously fragmented, to a flexible open area by removing a door that divided the previous library into two spaces, and creating a game between

two curtains. This allowed for flexibility in the multiple ways of using the library and creating different events while being a bookstore. 3) Visual tranquility: We cleared the space and reduced the visual noise that was previously there by using white and homogeneous shelves, natural light and clean white walls. The books therefore stand out, through the simplicity and cleanness of the architecture. 

Before and After, Reading Nook

Before and After, Entrance

Entrance Table Design